Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Intention

It was my original intent to blog every DAY! I have noticed that my main page says '14' posts for October and this is the 18th of October. Okay--maybe I am being unrealistic. I didn't think so-considering I am online atleast once or twice per day, and tied to the computer, etc. The tragedy is this: finding things that are of interest to me, and something I can look at and find inspiration at any point in my ministry pilgrimage. The entire point of this blog is to chronicle many of the thoughts that are in my head, form me into a better writer and communicator; communicate with those in ministry; provide an historical journal for my sons; an opportunity for our church to see what goes on in the mind of their pastor (I do not know if any of our members view my blog, haven't heard anything as of yet...if so, let me know!); allow me to chart my ministry thoughts, victories, struggles, etc. and prayerfully look back and thank God for the progressive steps and strides that were made, and so much more. I am committed to the blog! And once I am committed to something, I am almost impulsive about it begin being meaningful, significant, and the best at everything I am a part of. (Being the best preacher, husband, father, pastor, teacher, son, friend, blogger that I can be.)

I think that is my issue with pastoring. Pastoring is so different for me--because you have to rely upon more than just yourself. Sometimes I wonder if I am cut out for Pastoral Ministry. Then again-I KNOW that I am because I KNOW that God called me to do this. It can be a little overwhelming at times. I just don't understand what God is doing and why He allows so many difficulties, obstacles, dissapointments, and frustrations in my pastoral experience. My situation is so unique because I am the Founding Pastor of a fledgling church who has yet to gain her momentum, capture it's identity, and most do not see what I see. I was watching BET's EXALTED:Kenneth C. Ulmer. He said something that struck me: you are telling people about a vision that God has given you; but they haven't seen it yet. This becomes the great frustration. NOW-that being said-some do realistically understand the vision and it makes sense, they just don't want to do what needs to be done to accomplish the goal. I would hate to say where I wish I was--but I will just say that it is difficult pastoring in the Houston context. Everybody is just so busy, always running, the church really doesn't get much of their time. This is not the culture I grew up in--people didn't frequent the church or treat it in a cavalier manner; they were committed to the church. Don't get me wrong, large churches here (like other cities) thrive and do well here!!! From my observation, small church do not. There is work to be involved in small churches. EVERYBODY is needed! If someone isn't involved, the person involved begins to either feel guilty or pressured. The larger churches stay large or get larger while the smaller ones get smaller. The greatest thing that the small church can do, I believe, is continue to preach and teach the word, worship in spirit and in trust, be unapologetic about our commitment to COMMITMENT, and THEN...and this is what I think is the greatest challenge for us--GET NEW PEOPLE IN THE BUILDING, KEEP THEM THERE, GET TO JOIN, GET INVOLVED & REPRODUCING OTHER NEW PEOPLE. We'll get it together--it is GOING to work. It's just going to take a lot of prayer, patience, and people who are WILLING to hang in there, run with the vision, come to church, get involved, stop gossiping, SERVE, get others to get involved, bring their families--there is no telling what we could accomplish. I'm praying for more churches like this. I am dedicated to encouraging pastors everywhere who have this mysterious call in the pastorate that keeps telling them 'God wants more'. Let me say this--many pastors sense that God wants more--and think they need to find another church in order for God to do that. Sometimes that is so and may be necessary. I am afraid that, often, God desires to grow US, grow our churches in the place where He has planted us. We just haven't taken advantage of the dry seasons and learned from seedtime and the waiting period. I'm intent on learning. A lesson not learned is worth repeating. I don't want to prolong where the Lord is sending me because I keep ignoring what He is trying to teach me right now, in 2007, 29 years old. Let's learn it so we can pass the test and get to the weightier matters.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Brother Pastor,
Congratulations on another good blog. Please know, and I'm sure you do, that you are not alone. The frustrations, the headaches, and sometimes the downright irritation, is a common denominator for pastors who truly have a pastors heart. It brings to mind the scene of Jesus standing and beholding the city of Jerusalem and the people He loved so much; and as He stood He wept. Why did He weep? I believe that He wept because He wanted so much for them; He wanted them to be better; He wanted them to be more faithful, more loving, more obedient, more committed.......
Does this sound familiar pastor?
Yes, this business that God has called and sent us too is so unlike any other business. In industry, in corporate america, in government, in the education system, etc. there are certain rules and guidelines that people for the most part respect and follow. But in this business! We very definitely have the rules and guidelines before us but so many times it really seems as if the folks are "just not getting it." But the good news is that it really is not our job, task, or assignment to make them get it. Man, I wish we could! But we can't.
Our job, task and assignment is to insure that we, as the spirit leads us, share the word, love the sheep, feed the sheep,protect the sheep. Now I know that many times they act like and look like goats, L O L... but remember,Brother Pastor,they are sheep. And even those who are goats in sheeps clothing it is God and not us who will separate and divide.
So, brother pastor, be encouraged. Continue to fight the good fight. You have got it right. The Devil does not like it, but you got it right. Sometimes the folks fight it but, you got it right.
Well, enough for now.
I am sure you have the book (be sure to check your library :), Religiously transmitted diseases:finding a cure when faith doesn't feel right" by Ed Gungor. It is quite interesting and was helpful to me. He uses what might be called some unorthodox approaches to getting his points over but I found it to be very good indeed.
God bless you my brother and "keep on."
Pastor William L. Pullam