Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Resurrection Sunday!

We had a good time in worship this past Sunday. We had good attendance; good praise and worship, and a good word! People 'THINK' that I did not preach but I did give a text with points. This past Sunday is one of the few times I cut the message VERY short and gave the opportunity for others to reflect upon what the Resurrection means to them. We had about 6 who gave powerful and touching testimonies of what Resurrection meant to them; and then I came and reflected upon the touching events of the crucifixion, Christ's suffering and sacrifice--continued to read scripture and then we had the opportunity to have Communion (The Lord's Supper). Things were changed around a bit, but everything flowed together in spiritual harmony. Before we left, I did extend the invitation to either accept Christ, renew commitment, or join the family. We had 3 who came to connect with our church--2 adults along with one child I have placed under watchcare. She desired to come and be a member; but she doesn't fully understand what it means to be baptized, etc. According to one of my professors, this is how many are prematurely misguided--when we baptize children too soon. I am not saying that I agree wholeheartedly--BUT I do need everyone to fully understand baptism if we are going to baptize. In time we will see!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out of the Loop--but I'm still here!

I have been out of the loop for a second. This past week I have been battling the flu. Praise unto the Most High God--I am feeling much better; and plan to preach tomorrow! I will be preaching for my father, Dr. William L. Pullam, in Corpus Christi, Tx. A group from our church will be traveling with me while some others stay here and conduct worship at Cornerstone.

I am dissapointed that more of our people are not traveling with us (this does NOT mean upset). Upset and Dissapointment are 2 totally different things. There are many that I feel could travel with us; but this only comes in time and with growth.

In looking at my blogs,,,it is evident that God has brought our congregation from so far; but I always stress that we still have so far to go. There are frustrations that I continue to have in ministry. Our church is growing; but small-mindedness will kill ANY church. The tragedy is that the first one who is looked at for the repurcusions of small-mindedness is the pastor!!! Unfortunately, sometimes it is true. In my case, I am finally BOLD enough to admit after much self-evaluation, prayer, and counsel--that I am NOT justifiably blamed.

I WILL, however, see to it that the new lives and souls at our congregation do not fall through the cracks and crevices. Correction is key. Discipline is vital. Love is a must. Clarity and Repitition is the caveat.

All in all, I am still insistent that I pastor a GREAT church because I pastor a GREAT people. Of course, they are STILL sheep (and we know what this entails); but they are the sheep God entrusted to my care; I will continue to do my part to lead them, guide them, and live an exemplary life that honors God first and that they can follow.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

To see what the LORD is doing at The 'Stone' is beyond my belief. Well--it is a byproduct of my belief; but it is always overwhelming when you SEE in the natural what you have been trusting for so long by faith. God is blessing our congregation in ways that only HE can. In short and summary, he is multiplying and adding to HIS church--but more importantly to HIS Kingdom. I was extremely pleased today because we have formed a system whereby the men of our church are leading the way to our ministry of HELPS, first of which they are assigned as 'Doorkeepers'. They literally handle every facet of assisting the Pastor, First Lady, Ministers, and Worship Leaders in attending to the cares and needs of the parishioners, regular attendars and our special guests. This was the first Sunday of this new paradigm and it was quite successful! One of our members has done and is doing a good job of rounding and rallying together all of our men and moving them toward responsible church membership.

Today we continued our series on Stewardship, labeling the message today, 'Heaven's Investment Strategy' taken from Matthew 6:19-22. The Lord blessed the entire worship service and we had ONE brother come forward and join the family of God. It is so interesting to see how the Lord used the message to speak to this young man's heart--dealing with a message on Stewardship--a not-so-popular subject matter; but the entire message he was very attentive and he stepped forward. What was more beautiful than this was to see all of the men of Cornerstone come and embrace this brother and hug him and show their love to another child of God!!! Psalm 133:1 really became so evident to me and does more each and every week. I love men; and it has and is becoming such an important part of my life and church life. I truely believe not only as a Pastor but just a Christian believer--I would be so unhappy if I couldn't share the joy of my salvation with other brothers. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love women. But when the 2008 statistics show that 1 out of every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated; and 1 out of every 15 Black men are incarcerated; and to see how so many men HATE church and feel that it is irrelevent, it is my life mission to bring men into the Kingdom of God.

A harvest of men are joining the Kingdom movement at Cornerstone. I love these brothers; and I pray that the Lord will continually use me an an instrument as He continues to shape these brothers into 'Men that Matter'!!!