Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quite Some Time

I am amazed at the time that's past since my last blog. At times, I have wondered if anyone still frequents the blog-world considering FACEBOOK has become such a constant for many. I want to do better! Since my last post, I am now a bi-vocational Pastor who is trying to juggle the Pastorate with the Chaplaincy. I am now a Chaplain Resident with the Harris County Hospital District and, if I may add, am loving the experience thus far. It also affords me the opportunity to enjoy full-time ministry.

I was saddened this past week to receive news that my friend and mentor, Dr. E. Thurman Walker has passed on. I am in prayer for his family and church there in San Antonio. Dr. Walker used to have me preach for him early on in my ministry; and I will never forget the impact he had upon my ministry. He will be missed!

My hope and prayer that the blog will continue to serve as an outlet for me; and an opportunity to have continual connection and camaraderie with those who serve in ministry.

God be praised for my blog friends; and I pray that we will continue to pray and lift one another up.