Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sunday Summary

We had an awesome worship experience at Cornerstone this past Sunday. It has been a month since we've moved to our new location, and I am already seeing both the challenge as well as the fruit of diligent labor and seed-planting. Our facility has given much more responsibility, exposure, visibility and freedom. All that being said, our people are excited! I see this more and more each and every week through their participation, inviting their people and overall excitement. I pray this continues and that it will grow.

I must admit, it was a difficult week for me with some of the things going on in my life personally. D'Ani and I had a very tedious and trying week; Kai's official last day of school was last Thursday; and our main church computer was infected with some strange virus. Needless to say, I found myself behind in my studies, studying until early Sunday morning, not getting to sleep until 4:50am only to wake up in about two hours. I was beat!!!

Fortunately, I have placed a level of responsibility in two of our men from the church who open up and get things in order. There are also people there who pray in the building and even for the Pastor and the message. Our Worship Leaders do an excellent job of invoking God's presence, setting the climate that is conducive for public worship, etc. This means absolutely very little to many pastors; but as a founding pastor who started this church about 4 years ago, having to do all of this and more...and THEN also preach the message - I am VERY grateful for every stride taken!!!

I did arrive 20 minutes late in time for the welcome. D'Ani and the boys actually beat me to service. Nothing was going right for me - woke up late, didn't have my clothing together (big mistake), forgot my minister's manual, couldn't locate my keys, on and on. Did I already say I had two hours of sleep?

BUT...when I drove up, walk toward my office, my countenance began to change. I heard the saints and the music. As I walked into the auditorium our people were in prayer and in worship. Praise, Worship, Fellowship and Sunday School were all great! I struggled through the message; but probably in a personal way. Preaching from John 4, I sensed personal fatigue; but strangely I am unsure if our people saw my fatigue.

This week I am studying Paul's Epistle to the Galatians. I have every intention of beginning our study there this coming week...Lord willing!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm Starting a Forum/Forum 1

The Lord is leading me in the direction of setting up more structure in my pastorate and in my own life. One of the ways I am doing this is 1) I've been praying on how better to be mentored in the context of my unique role as Pastor of Cornerstone, a church that is so different from any church I've ever attended. 2) How to develop a comeradorie amongst fellow-Pastors and brothers that is strong, healthy, open and purposeful. 3) Getting sound advice that will help our church to flourish and abound.

Therefore, one of the things I wish to do is ask those who are my blog friends; and those that are NOT - to give me advice (whether I eventually agree or not) as if you were my mentor or pastor (though this is not just to pastors and preachers, but laypeople - and my momma!); what you would say to me if we were sitting at a table and I desperately needed your help, as I do!

Throughout the Summer, I would like to ask these questions and ask that you would answer them via the comment page. Let me be clear, this is not just something I am curious about: I NEED your help; I WANT your help; and (believe it or not)...many who view my blog in the future will gain so much from your insight. PLEASE HELP ME.

I am about to give my first question now (others following will be labeled 'forum 1', 'forum 2', etc):

How do you get members excited about being apart of the church you pastor? Excited to the point where they tell everybody they know how much they love their church. Excited to the point where they can't wait to make it to church on Sunday and midweek. Excited to the point where they will drive from far and near; and pick up whomever needs a ride - to get to the place they call their church home. How? That's the first question!