Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday in Retrospect

First, let me say its been a good day!  Clearly I've been away from the Blog world for a short while, but I'm glad to return.  At the end of October 2012, my wife and I traveled over a 10 day period to South Africa with my Pastor, Harvey Clemons, Jr., along with a small delegation from my Houston home church, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.  We had an awesome trip!  While I have traveled before to South Africa, it was the first time D'Ani traveled with me; AND the nation's hosting of the World Cup really yielded a different experience for those of us who had traveled before.

Today, I shared from Joshua 1:1-5.  I entitled the message, "It's Time to Turn the Page."

Here's my outline...
I. Leave the Pain of the Last Chapter '....Moses my servant is dead; leave this place....' Vs. 1
II. Stake Your Claim. Vs. 3
III. Claim Your Promise. Vs. 5

Five people came forward for rededication & prayer.

After church, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of young adults from our church who will make up our Newly-formed praise team, beginning on the 1st Sunday in February, Lord willing.  It's is the beginning of some significant changes taking place at the Mt. Salem Church.  It is quite exciting, in knowing the makeup and history of our congregation; and the challenge of change in our climate.  The excitement of our collective core is really an inspiration to and for me.

I really enjoyed my wife and boys today after church.  My namesake, Karter Lowelle, is growing; and seeing him, at 2, interact more and more each day with our family has been refreshing and enriching.

As I work to finalize our calendar for 2013, I have concluded that the year will be filled with joys and interesting surprises.  I pray now for not only myself; but for every Pastor, staff person and congregation, as they and we move ahead to see the unexpected and planned by God's providence.

Endnote...another reason for my absence has been a lingering cold/respiratory infection and sickness. It has, Ina real sense, lasted from the time of my return until now.  Fortunately, I am feeling much better....with just the remainder of my cough still lingering.

Two books I am reading are: David Nasaw's biography of the life of Joseph P. Kennedy entitled, 'The Patriarch.'  It is a very good and interesting read.  I am also re-reading Dan Southerland's 'Transitioning.'  I read this book while on staff years ago at Pleasant Hill; but I now want to read it through the eyes and experience of a 34-year old Pastor in quite a unique place of transition with the congregation I now Pastor.

The Cowboys (my team) are out; the Houston Texans are still in, after defeating the Cincinatti Bengals today.  They will play the New England Patriots next week.  In basketball, the Lakers (my team) is not doing well.  However, the Clippers and Thunder (a team I grew to love a few years ago) are looking well!

I look forward to blogging again soon!