Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I gather it has been some time since my previous blog. No reason--other than just being pre-occupied with finishing with classes, things around the church, teaching with HISD, etc.

Haven't done many updates on worship meetings at 'The Stone', but for the past month, God has really blessed our services. Worship experiences at Cornerstone are really a centerpiece within our ministry--after the WORD! I can not being to explain it--other than the Spirit of the Lord--I believe--was pleased and sat in on our worship. We have an awesome Music Minister, Earl Duncan. We will definately hear many wonderful things about this young man in years to come. He is young, very mature, a wonderful singer and songwriter...most importantly he is a worshipper and he loves the Word of God. Our Sunday morning service was really on the kind of level where as even the music stopped and musicians stopped playing--praise and worship continued. This is kind of a strange blog because I am trying to explain something that is inexplainable. BUT--this is something I have dreamed of at Cornerstone--and I saw it this past week. As I continue to walk, trust, preach the word and surrender through obedience to God's promise and word--I see more and more dreams become reality. It is amazing!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

It has been some time now since I've blogged--about 10 days--a long time for me! I am striving to complete my M.Div. at Southwestern. Fortunately I should be complete this time next year. To think--I started my Masters voyage in the Fall of 2001 after graduating from Dallas Baptist. I am sensing I will be in school forever, considering I have a dream to pursue some kind of degree in business and finance. And, of course, I must pursue the Doctorate. This, however, equates to a lot of time and money. For now, I am grateful to have finished this semester with 9 additional hours completed.

I am now able to commit more time to work, some things I am trying to do with the church, and spending some extra time with D'Ani. Our plan is to take a much needed vacation with the boys. I am looking forward to this. This is going to be an exciting Summer approaching with a lot of exciting things I anticipate (and pray) will happen for me personally and in ministry. Of course, it is ALREADY great; but even greater!

Side note--this past Sunday was great and attendance was good. I haven't preached at Cornerstone for 2 weeks, though I've been blessed to preach out several times; it was a joy to stand at The 'Stone' and proclaim the Word of God. I LOVE preaching at Cornerstone; I am learning that it is not the building; but the Divine Meshing together of Pastor and People. I have truly been assigned to the people I pastor during this time in my life and ministry.