Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Year

Well, as the day comes to a close - I can honestly say that I am thankful and grateful for this day! Today, for me, was bitter sweet. Sweet, in that God has allowed me to see another year of life. On August 14, 1978 at 7:40am, I entered the world! I am thankful to see 32; and humbled that God would use me to communicate the message of His love to others through the proclamation of His holy and righteous Word. What makes this time bitter is the fact that, during this time each year - for the past 11 years - I have been in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, preparing to preach at the Fairview Baptist Church, Dr. J.A. Reed, Jr., Senior Pastor. I never shall forget recieving the call immediately after returning from our honeymoon in LAs Vegas, from Pastor 'Pop' Reed, asking if I would be there with them. Little did I know that this man whom I had never met would turn out to be such a blessing and inspiration to my wife and I; and discovering that this one man has been such a blessing to many, many preachers, pastors and Chrstians. Because of circumstances, particularly being in the midst of a Chaplain Residency in Harris County Hospital District, I am unable to be with them this year for their youth revival. While I will miss them this year, I am thankful for 11 years! I am grateful for the family D'Ani and I have gained and the rich memories and moments we've shared together. Because of this, I am eternally grateful and indebted.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday in Retrospect

It has been a busy, yet productive, weekend. Having the opportunity to visit Dallas always brings back feels of nostalgia and serendipity. Moreover, having the blessed opportunity to be with my old classmate, preaching colleague and friend, Rev. Bertrain Bailey, was very special and a great joy. Bertrain has been a friend of mine since my early days at Dallas Baptist University. Changing of cities, pastorates, preaching responsibilities, etc. have caused us to lose touch, but not with the abandoning of our love and respect for one another. He pastors the St. John Missionary Baptist Church (Dallas, TX); and is married to Kim, both of them growing up as Pastor's kids, from great preaching legacies. In addition, I had the opportunity to spend some to worship with my uncle, Rev. Lloyd A. Pullam, and the St. Emmanual Baptist Church for their Homecoming Celebration, there in Denton, TX. I am grateful for this day; but I am also tired!!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's Been Some Time

I've only blogged once in the year 2010? Shame on me! My hope is to do much better in the coming months and for the remainder of the year. I have noticed, in the blog world, a paradigm shift within my blog fraternity (and sorority) from to I have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of this shift, but I will not extrapolate my idiosyncratic assertions here. What I will do is seek to express my love for writing, along with my desire to renew my commitment to this available outlet of blogging, and my hope that others will renew their commitment to do the same.

I have been going through an unusual season of life and ministry. Serving in the preaching ministry, now over 16 years; and serving in pastoral ministry, now over 8 years - God has taken me both on an amazing, yet peculiar, journey. It is my hope and prayer to highlight my feelings, emotions, joys, fears and faith throughout this continuous journey. All in all, God has been good! I have seen various angles throughout this journey of ministry and, as time goes on, I pray that the Father will continue to lead, guide and instruct my steps as I dance with Him in my worship, stewardship, life, ministry, family and faith.

The most interesting thing that has occured to me since my last blog is the announcement of my third child, another boy! I have come to view this new addition (due in October) as a gift from God! I'm looking forward to the joy of this new addition; as well as all of the other things going on in my life. God is so good, even when we often fail to see the forest for our little trees - yes, He is STILL so GOOD!!!