Friday, February 24, 2012


To say that I've been away for more than a moment is beyond sheer hyperbole. That being said, I'm glad to have yet another blogging moment. Every now and then, in various parts of the city and even country, I will come across someone who will tell me how blessed they've been through my blogs. My response never changes - there is always a sense of surprise! This often humbles me, in knowing I am always unsure (as with the average minister and their sermon presentation) of who I've touched through my writings. However, it is always good to know that some has been touched and benefit as a result of my sharing and transparency.

I never intended to be away for such a long period to time. While some have abandoned the blogging medium for years, 7 months since my last blog, for ME, is a LONG time. The good news is this - today is a new day. I am thankful that there have been no extenuating circumstances attributed to my loved ones are still alive and well, children are healthy and growing, my wife and I celebrated another year of marital blessing and bliss, no scandal has incurred within my ministry, the church is fine and growing, God has opened a door for me in the area of Chaplaincy, on and on. I guess, it just happened. Good news is - it's a new day.

What is my point?

Unintended or not, there is something that applies to all of us and misses NONE of us - we all have moments, seasons or experiences where we find ourselves doing things we never intended. Perhaps it involves some failure, happenstance, tragedy, some sin or shortcoming, some chore left undone, a letter that you forgot to place in the mail. Maybe you forgot an anniversary (God forbid!) or some special day.

Here is the good news, if you're reading this: 1) You're a survivor. 2) It's a NEW day. 3) You are empowered by God to begin AGAIN. 4) You are here to tell your story.

Isn't that good news? While I have no exact scripture in this blog, I will assure this is ultimately the message God conveys to us through the cross of Calvary. In that crushing place, the Place of the Skull, somewhere between His Son's vicarious, ignominious death and the victorious triumph on the 3rd day, we see the NEW day has begun!