Tuesday, February 02, 2010

In Retrospect

To think that it has been over two (2) months since my last blog is beyond belief or comprehension! In surveying the record, my last post was on Nov. 21, 2009. Since that time, I have continued to find myself immersed in both my work and ministry as I have sought to prioritize my relationship with my Father and family. To say that I have a newfound respect for the bi-vocational Pastor would be an understatement. To comprehend what a bivocational Pastor experiences from day to day can be incomprehensible to a full-time Pastor, much less the laity! I have come to value many different aspects of God's grace along the way. First, I value time off, particularly time with D'Ani and the boys. Secondarily, I value the impromptu gift of God's Holy Spirit in the preaching moment. You may ask why? It is because various demands can at times rob the minister/pastor of the usual study time he may feel that is needed. Strangely, I believe the Father is strengthening my preaching as I dance with my challenges through this stage and phase of my spiritual growth, development and maturation. In addition, I have sensed a sharper motivation and desire to see my people grow, serve and share the gospel! Some of this may be slightly selfish in one sense....because I don't want to be bivocational all of my life! But I must also say...my love and commitment to God's plan for my life far exceeds my little selfish inclinations and tendencies.

With all that being said, my trade is chaplancy!!!! Which means, I am paid to pray, encourage and uplift others in need. In a real sense, I am in full time ministry. I strongly believe now that every seminary graduate should do a minimum of one year in chaplancy at a hospital or healthcare instituion. Nothing compares; and nothing can develop such pastoral prowess and ministerial grit. That being said, I cannot imagine what the pastor goes through-the pastor who is entrenched in a profession that isn't even remotely connected to ministry. My point -let's keep all Pastors...bivocational or not...in our prayers!!!