Sunday, April 02, 2006

Intro to the World of Blogology

This is my first initiation into the universal blog. I have been meaning to commence this voyage for some time now! My intent, as an aspiring liberal theologian and pastor, is to be intentionally provocative, thought-provoking and challenging to the emperical world--to get the creative juices flowing. Much of what I said didn't really make much sense--but this has become my perception of the blog-world (an epiteth of philosophical notions, big words, confusing metaphors and the notion that perhaps the one writing has nothing better to do with their time but to type on irrefutable nothings that appear to have no true point, significance or meaning.) This is, however, an intentional aim at providing myself with an outlet--and my purpose is to be quite meaningful in these blogs.
The above paragraph is an accurate representation of the 'blogs' I have read. I do not intend to be so pointless, irrelevent and vague.
I AM A THINKER!!! I love God and I love His people! I love my wife, D'Ani and my son, Kai. I love my parents and my extended family. I love the people who call me their 'Pastor' and where I pastor their 'Home'. Guess what! I think that they all love me too! Though all of my views are not reflective of my teachers, many of the convictions are the Christian worldview that I possess--through my understanding of God, His Word and how God has expressed His truth to me. Therefore, the convictions--unless otherwise noted--are those that I push off on no one. I am a radical! Jesus Christ was a radical and often pushed against the norm, the average and the mundane. My message is very sacred; my "Methods", however, make some nervous.
I can assure you, however, this will be a very interesting blog--if you take the time to visit every now and then. My schedule is busy--but I plan to remain up-to-date and post atleast on a daily, weekly, monthly...well--let me restrain from making promises that I can not keep.
God Bless!